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WCDSB Schools Closed on Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Re: Labour Updates

WCDSB Schools Closed on Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) has announced that all of its members will be engaging in a one-day strike on Tuesday, January 21. This decision affects all Catholic district school boards in Ontario.

As a result of this strike, all Waterloo Catholic District School Board elementary and secondary schools will be closed on January 21.

Additionally, all WCDSB extended day programs will also close for the day.

Secondary school credit courses offered at the WCDSB’s St. Louis Adult Learning & Continuing Education Centres campuses will be cancelled on January 21, but all other St. Louis programs will be open and running on their normal schedules.

Community use of schools activities will continue as scheduled.

OECTA’s previously announced administrative job actions will remain in effect before and after January 21.

As before, we remain hopeful the two sides will return to the bargaining table quickly and will come to a fair and respectful agreement that serves the best interests of our students.

January 14th, 2020
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Popcorn At CTK! Available on school cash online

Dear Parents,

Our class is selling popcorn this year to help support some activities at the school this year.

Popcorn will be sold for $1.00 per bag. We are using the same Ontario company we used for our popcorn sales last year, From Farm to Table. Orders may only be placed on the School Cash Online website. Grade 8 students will deliver popcorn on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays shortly before lunch. (There may be some variation in times according to the teacher’s needs).

Seven flavours will be available:

Butter & Salt / Dill Pickle / Sweet & Salty / White Cheddar / Salt & Vinegar /Sriracha


Thank you in advance for your support!


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Communication Regarding OECTA Job Action

As part of the ongoing central bargaining process involving the Ontario government and education workers across the province, the association representing our teachers – the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) – has indicated that if a collective agreement isn’t reached today or over the weekend, that starting Monday, January 13, 2020 teachers will no longer be performing a variety of administrative duties.

A list of specific duties being withdrawn can be found at:

This withdrawal of services will not impact the safety of our school and, with the exception of preparation for EQAO testing, direct services provided to our students will be unaffected.

Co-curricular activities (clubs, field trips, special events, etc.) will not be impacted by this withdrawal of services at this time.

We do remain hopeful the two sides can come to a fair and respectful agreement that serves the best interests of our students.

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What’s happening in January

Dear Families:


Check out what’s happening at CTK this month there are so many exciting events and activities.

Month of January:

Friday, January 10- MADD Presentation for Intermediates 1:45-2:45pm

Seniors Basketball Game at Bennies 9:45-12- Basketball team members

Milk and Cookie orders will begin next week

Monday, January 13th- Girls Volleyball Game VS St. Gabriel 4pm -5pm

Tuesday, January 14- KW Titans Basketball Game Intermediates from 9:30-2:10pm

Lunch Box Orders

Grade 3 Swim to Survive program 12:30-2:30pm

Wednesday, January 15th- Booster Juice Orders

Popcorn Sales Begin available on school cash online

Thursday, January 16th- Pizza Day

Milk and Cookie orders

Grade 8 Night at St. Benedict’s High School 6:30 -8:30pm please park at rear side and go in through gym doors.

Friday, January 17th-Wear your favorite jersey today!

Tuesday, January 21st and 28th- Grade 3 Swim to Survive 12:30-2:30pm

Friday, January 24th- Professional Activity Day- NO SCHOOL for students

Monday, January 27th- All Pizza orders due for month of February

Wednesday, January 28th- Bell Let’s Talk Day

Thursday, January 30th- Pizza Day

Milk and Cookie orders

2 pm Authenticity Assembly in the gym

Friday, January 31st- Lifetouch here for SK, Grade 8 & Sibling Photos -flyers to come soon

Look ahead first week of February important dates:

Tuesday, February 4th-SK vision testing Region of Waterloo

Thursday, February 6th – Year 1 and 2 Kindergarten Registration 3:15-6:15pm registration forms available online once registration form is completed please call our office at 519-621-6680 to book an appointment. Registration continues on Friday, February 7th from 9-3pm.

Thursday, February 6th -Confirmation Rehearsal at church 9 am -school will bus students

Friday, February 7th- Confirmation Ceremony 7pm

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CTK Popcorn Fundraiser Coming soon…..

Dear Parents;

Popcorn Fundraiser will be returning to  CTK ! this fundraiser will begin on January 15th till the end of February 28th (or approximately until we run out of popcorn) as of today you will be available to purchase on school cash online.

Register at
Safe. Fast. Convenient.


Available Flavors:

Butter & Salt
White Cheddar
Dill Pickle
Kettle Corn
Salt & Vinegar

COST $1.00



Have a wonderful day!

Christ the King School

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Pizza Day Tomorrow!

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder that pizza day is tomorrow and that all orders for January were due back in December.

If you wish to order pizza for February the due date to order on school cash online is on Monday, January 27th, 2020.

Now available to purchase on school cash online are the pizza days for March-June.

If you have not signed up yet for school cash online follow these 3 easy steps below to get started!

Go to the address below or click the
School Cash Online link on our website.

Takes a few minutes to register and add your child to the newly created account.

Review and pay your child’s field trip fees using direct online payment.

Register at:

Safe. Fast. Convenient.


Thank you

Christ the King School

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Year 1 and Year 2 Kindergarten Registration Coming soon…



[Junior Kindergarten (Year 1) Registration] AND



[Kindergarten (Year 2) Registration for children who have not attended Year 1]




Registration for September 2020 will be held:



at Christ the King Catholic Elementary school


on Thursday, February 6th at 3:15-6:16pm and Friday, February 7th from 9 to 10:30 am and 1:00-3:00pm.


Parent letter Yr 1 2 2020

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Umbrella Project Skill for January is Authenticity

Thank you to our Grade 8 students who led the assembly for December’s Cognitive Flexibility.  The grade 8s performed skils to demonstrate that there are different ways to look at situations and that at times in life, the unexpected does happen.  Congratulations to those students who really worked hard and practicing cognitive flexibility!  For January, our students will be learning the importance of Authenticity in promoting well being.

Authenticity is the quality of being genuine or real and representing your true self instead of what you think others want you to be.  It is about staying true to your beliefs, being trustworthy, truthful, and ensuring that your actions match your words and values.

Authenticity is our ability to be our genuine selves, staying true to our values and beliefs, while still adapting to the world around us. Authenticity comes from having actions that match the words we say and not trying to be someone else to impress others. Authenticity helps us to feel confident in ourselves and it improves others’ ability to trust us, a characteristic highly valued in leaders. It also helps us create strong friendships and is a very important part of


1. Improves self-respect and self-esteem
2. Increases your comfort in sharing your true thoughts and beliefs
3. Authenticity improves emotional stability
4. Genuine smiles (over polite smiles)improve our social interactions
5. Improves our trustworthiness
6. Improves overall wellbeing
7. Helps us stand up for what we think is right, which reduces bullying



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Happy New Year Bobcats!

Happy New Year!  We hope that you have had an enjoyable Christmas break and New Year with family and friends.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at 8:30 am!!

Here are things that are happening at CTK this week:

Catholic Schools Advisory Council Meeting:  Please join us on Tuesday, January 7th at 6:00 pm in the Library Learning Commons.

On Wednesday, January 8th, our Grade 1 and 2 students will be heading off to Shades Mill.

Teaching Mass for Grades 5 and 6:  On Wednesday, January 8th, our students in Grades 5 and 6 will have an opportunity to spend some time with Father Ross Campbell at St. Patrick Church.  Our students will be learning about the Mass to deepen their understanding of the liturgy.  Father Ross Campbell will be explaining the different parts of the Mass and students will be able to ask questions.  A big thank you to Father Ross Campbell for this special experience for our students!


Grade 7 Meningococcal Vaccinations:  On Thursday, January 9th, Public Health nurses will be at CTK.  Public Health offers clinics each year in schools for all students in Grade 7 to receive their  Hepatitis B, HPV, and Meningococcal vaccines.

MADD Canada Assembly for Grade 7 and 8 students: On Friday, January 10th, MADD Canada will be bringing alcohol awareness and risk reduction messaging to our Intermediate students.  Although grade 7 and 8 students are not yet driving or may not yet be experimenting with alcohol or drugs, we know that educating students at a young age helps them develop the necessary skills required to make important decisions when the time comes.  This is a critical point in students’ lives where they are becoming more independent and are at a stage where they can be easily influenced, impressionable and vulnerable.  The program guides them and gives them the tools that will prepare them for making smart and responsible choices before they enter high school.



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