Have a Great Summer!

Dear Bobcat Families,

WE DID IT!!  While it is difficult to believe that we have come to the end of another school year, this afternoon we officially close the 2019-2020 school year.   This school year will certainly go down in history and while it was very different than anything we have ever experienced, the excitement and energy that the last day of school usually brings was still felt through the various slideshows, Google Meets, and other class celebrations that took place throughout the week.   I would like to sincerely thank all of you- students, staff, and parents- for all of your work and support this year.  It is such a blessing to be part of the Bobcat family where each of you continuously demonstrates COURAGE, TEAMWORK and KINDNESS!  We look forward to welcoming you all back in the fall.   To our Grade 8s, Mrs. Fischer, Ms. Lynch, Mrs. Nikolaus, Mrs. Adams, and Mrs. Brenes, we thank you for all of your contributions to our school community and we wish you all the best as you begin your new journeys and adventures!

I wish all of you and your family, a safe and happy summer, filled with God’s blessings of peace, health, and happiness!




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School Re-Opening Plans for September 2020

Dear Bobcat Families,

Please see the attached files regarding school re-opening in September.   The first letter is a letter from the Minister of Education and the second is from Director Loretta Notten.

M letter – Announcement EN

WCDSB Director’s Letter on School Re-Opening June 2020

In addition, we are asking parents to complete a survey by June 30th. Please complete this survey by clicking on this link:  School Re-Opening Survey June 2020

We will continue to keep you updated.



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National Indigenous People Day!

On June 21, National Indigenous Peoples Day is a day to celebrate and recognize the contributions of First
Nations, Métis and Inuit in Canada. The Canadian Constitution recognizes these three groups as Aboriginal peoples, also known as Indigenous peoples.  Although these groups share many similarities, they each have their own distinct heritage, language, cultural practices and spiritual beliefs.

In cooperation with Indigenous organizations, the Government of Canada chose June 21, the summer solstice, for National Aboriginal Day, now known as National Indigenous Peoples Day. For generations, many Indigenous peoples and communities have celebrated their culture and heritage on or near this day due to the significance of the summer solstice as the longest day of the year.

To celebrate National Indigenous Day and National Indigenous Month, click on this link: https://summersolsticefestivals.ca/ssif/    Tune in for “live” Indigenous music and dance performances including virtual competition Pow Wow specials in partnership with the Social Distance Pow Wow.

We are proud of rich Canadian Heritage and give thanks for the many contributions Indigenous Peoples have made to the fabric of our wonderful country!




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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all our Bobcat dads!  We wish you continued blessings on your special day!

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Summer Boost Program!

Summer Boost Program – June 29 – July 20, 2020

Free Online Literacy and Numeracy Programs

for Students currently in SK to Grade 7

Beginning June 29th, the WCDSB is offering 15 mornings of FREE literacy and numeracy online learning support for students currently in SK to Grade 7 inclusive through the Summer Boost program.  If you are interested in making new friends online, honing your literacy and numeracy skills through fun and engaging stories, games, activities and weekly STEM challenges then Summer Boost is for YOU!

Here are the details:  https://www.wcdsb.ca/programs-and-services/summer-boost-program/

  • Timelines: June 29 – July 20 (inclusive, excluding July 1st)
    • 9:00 – 11:00 am Monday to Friday (15 days)
  • Online Resources
    • Google Classroom
    • Lexia, Knowledgehook, Coding, MathUp
    • Math  & STEM  Learn@Home kits
  • Cost: FREE
    Student Acceptance: Based on school site, learning profile and time of registration. Maximum of 15 students per class
  • Contact: pat.runstedler@wcdsb.ca
  • Registration –  REGISTER ONLINE –- Register Early!
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Week of June 15, 2020


Hi Bobcat Families,

We are getting close to the end of the school year, but the staff at CTK are still planning and working on many things for the final week s together.  Bobcats, remember to check your Google Classroom daily and keep submitting the required work.  We are almost there so keep pushing yourself and keep learning!

Wellness Week at CTK!

Thanks to our awesome Grade 7s who have put together a week of activities to keep our bodies and brains healthy and as a way to practice all of our Umbrella Skills that we have learned so far!  When our physical bodies have what they need to function at their best, it is much easier to hold up our Umbrellas! When we’re hungry, tired, or haven’t had enough exercise, our brains don’t work as well, making it more difficult to practice all the other skills of wellbeing. We can become grouchy, short-tempered, and less capable of coping with the day-to-day challenges of life. Even people with the strongest coping skills can’t use them as well when they aren’t feeding their brains properly. Making the choice to establish healthy lifestyle behaviours (such as eating well, sleeping enough, and exercising regularly) has been shown to reduce stress, elevate mood, improve immune system function, and make learning easier. Even when we don’t have full control over the options available to us, being able to choose the healthiest from among those available is a skill that can promote health and wellbeing overall.  Remember to tweet your pictures to @CTKBobcats!



Do You Have Personal Belongings at School Still?

Just a reminder to sign up for your appointment to pick up your child’s personal belongings and Report Card on June 23rd.  Please check your child’s Google Classroom for complete instructions.

Waterloo Region Public Health and Board Protocols must be in place to ensure safety for all students, parents, and staff and include:

  • Physical distancing must always be maintained
  • Complete this Covid-19 self-evaluation (for anyone planning to enter the school) prior to attending the school https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/
  • If any symptoms are present – families are asked to contact the school and we will discuss alternate pick up arrangements
  • Hand-sanitizer will be provided
  • Individuals are encouraged to bring and wear a face mask 
  • Please try to send only one parent per family to help reduce our numbers.
  • If with a parent, students must always stay with that parent
  • Although we have been apart for a significant amount of time this is not a time for socializing, teachers reporting to parents or to discuss achievement
  • Families are to social distance line up at the front door 
  • Families will enter and exit by the same door
  • A limited number of craft bags will be available, where necessary, to collect student items, but families are encouraged to bring knapsacks to retrieve items
  • Any family that has student medication that has been stored at the school please note that the medication will be placed in that student’s classroom for retrieval there
  • If families have general school items to return (e.g., library books, sports uniforms, bus patroller items, etc.) they may leave these items with their teacher also as each will have a bin/box to collect them in the classroom
  • Washrooms are not accessible for students/parents, as each visit will be very short
  • There will be no outdoor supervision and the playground is closed
  • On June 23 staff will not be available for online learning.

Again, we appreciate your support and understanding as we navigate these challenging times together such that the safety of all in our community is our priority – THANKS!

Staffing Update

I would like to extend a special note of gratitude to the staff of Christ the King who are truly committed to teaching excellence and learning for all; who truly believe in putting children first and who are always supportive of the initiatives at our school.  It has been both an honour and a pleasure to work with such dedicated staff.  Unfortunately, June is always a time where we often have to say goodbye to some of our staff who will be moving on to different school communities.    I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Mrs. Fischer, Mrs. Nikolaus, Ms. Lynch, Ms. Adams, Mrs., Witzel, Ms. Simons, and Mrs. Brenes for their hard work, dedication, and support during their time at Christ the King.  You will all be truly missed and we wish you all the best at your new schools!


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Collecting Personal Belongings and Report Card

Dear Families,

Attached is a very important letter in regards to collecting personal belongings at school.  Please ensure you read the letter in its entirety as it details the process and guidelines to retrieve your child’s personal belongings (i.e. shoes, medication, pencil cases, etc.).  Term 2 Report Cards will also be distributed the same day.   Families will need to book an appointment to come to the school on June 23rd.  We have included an attachment with instructions on how to book your appointment online.

Thank you so much and we hope that you and your family are safe!

Personal Belonging Pick UP.docx

Instructions to Book Appointments



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Ontario Parent- COVID Survey Launched

McMaster University and the Offord Centre for Child Studies have launched a province-wide survey to help understand what families with children are experiencing in the context of COVID-19, and what services families and caregivers may need. Their target is parents/caregivers with children from newborn to 17 years old. It is part of a larger intervention study funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada created to promote positive parenting practices and improve child outcomes.

Please see the attached letter for more information.

English Generic Advisory 1

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Yearbook Orders Due Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that all Yearbook orders are due tomorrow!  All orders must be placed through School Cashonline and no late orders can be accepted as the books are pre-ordered.  Don’t be disappointed!  Go to School Cashonline and order the 2019-2020 yearbook today!!

Yearbook sign with colorful brush strokes.

Yearbook sign. Colorful brush design. Vector background.

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