Bobcat News for Week of November 30th!

Dear CTK Families,

The Advent season is upon us!  As we celebrate the season of Advent, we prepare ourselves for the celebration of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ at Christmas. This past Friday, our Junior Division lead us through our first Advent Liturgy where we, above everything else, were reminded to stay hopeful and that together we will experience God’s blessing as we wait and prepare for the coming of Jesus.



 Don’t forget to SMILE tomorrow as it is picture day.  Every student will have their picture taken following COVID protocols.  After Picture Day, order pictures on using your Portrait ID and Access Code which can be found on your Picture Day order form.  A class picture will not be taken this year.
school picture


Thank you for making yourselves available for our first remote parent/teacher/student conferences. It was a great opportunity to celebrate your child(ren)’s growth and successes.  Please continue to reach out to your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns.  We appreciate and value our partnership to support our students!

UMBRELLA PROJECTHome - The Umbrella Project

Welcome to December at the Umbrella Project!  Last month we focused our attention on building Grit and this month we are adding the skill that will help your child to be kinder to themselves in the face of failure and difficulties, Self-compassion.

What will self-compassion do for my child?

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that 75% of people treat others more kindly than they treat themselves.

Self-compassion means offering ourselves compassion when we fail, make mistakes, or are at fault. Self-compassion is the opposite of self-criticism and will help your child treat themselves like they would a good friend instead of continuously judging themselves harshly.  Like a bully that is with your child all the time, self-criticism actually reduces self-confidence (just like an external bully would), making it hard for them to succeed.

Self-compassion helps to reduce children’s feelings of isolation and instead recognize that struggle is a normal part of being human that everyone experiences. There is a  100% chance of rain at some point in every life so it’s important that we learn to weather these storms with compassion.

Do you often catch your child saying harsh things about themselves and their abilities? It’s vital that we help our children avoid getting caught up in the dramatic storyline of their struggle and instead recognize this normal part of life. Imperfections, rough days, mistakes, being at fault and failures are a part of being human and the better we are at accepting this, the easier it is to preserve our wellbeing through these challenges.

Listen to Dr. Jen’s Introduction to Self Compassion


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Week of November 23rd

Dear CTK families,

Thank you again for all your support that you continue to show!  It really makes such a difference to know that by continuing to work together, that your children are kept safe and enjoy coming to school to be with friends and to learn!  WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!

Professional Activity Day:    Just a reminder that tomorrow is a Professional Activity Day.  There is no school for students and the Extended Day will also not be running.  We will see everyone on Tuesday!

Today, we celebrate our feast day.  The feast of Christ the King always falls on the last Sunday of the church year—a new liturgical year begins next Sunday with the start of Advent. This feast is a fitting way to send us into Advent, the season of preparing our hearts to prepare and receive Jesus.  Christ Jesus, help us to see you in every one of our brothers and sisters in our school community and around the world.  To mark this special day, students decorated their own cross.  On Tuesday, we will gather virtually for a liturgy to help mark our special feast day!

Tuesday is Pizza Night at Domino’s:  Just a reminder that our final pizza night is this Tuesday.  Don’t forget to order your large cheese or pepperoni pizza for only $10.00and use the code FUND.  Domino’s will donate $5.00 back to our school.  Tell all your friends and family as they can use the code too!  This Tuesday will also be the final day to enter your name and picture of the receipt for a chance to win a free large pizza!   Congratulations to our winners so far!




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Health and Safety Protocols

Dear CTK Families,

In light of reported Covid cases on the rise, we want to reassure our school community that we continue to do all we can to keep our students and staff healthy and safe. We are following the protocols as outlined by WCDSB and Public Health.

As a school community, it is important that we continue to work together to minimize any risk factors. Here are a few reminders that parents/guardians can follow to help ensure safety:

  • Child(ren) come to school with more than 1 mask
  • Child(ren) come to school with a refillable water bottle
  • Remind your child(ren) of physical distancing
  • Ensure your child(ren) is properly dressed for the weather as we engage in as much outdoor learning as possible

When absent:

  • Please state a reason for your child(ren)’s absence when calling to inform the school of the absence. If your child(ren) has covid symptoms, please follow our ‘stay home’ protocols to avoid spreading the illness
  • Ensure that you have a backup plan if your child becomes ill while at school for someone to come to the school to pick up your child
  • As contact numbers change (home, office, cell, daycare), please call the school to update

Wearing of Masks Outside:

Some have asked if their child can wear a mask outside during recess. Families may wish to consider having their child(ren) wear a mask during such time. Please note that this is not the direction of Public Health as we have had no case of student to student transmission in the board so far.  If you wish to have your child wear a mask outside, please let your child’s teacher know.

Additional Back up Items:

Please have your child(ren) keep additional items in a ziplock bag inside their school bag so to be easily exchanged if the original ones get wet and require changing:

  • mitts
  • socks
  • hat/toque
  • change of clothes.

Parent/Guardian Pick Up/Drop Off:

With the increase in positive cases within our region, we are asking that parents/guardians wear a mask and keep at a social distant. We do realize it is so great to converse with other families but are asking that the social time be on the sidewalk to avoid congestion on the field.  When dropping off your child(ren), please continue to ring the front buzzer, acknowledge yourself and the office will come to the door to greet you.

If picking up your child(ren) at non-dismissal times, please ring the front buzzer, explain the reason and the office will have your child(ren) come to the front door. You will continue to sign the child(ren) out at the front door.

By continuing to work together to reinforce these simple safety measures, we can all help to contribute to a healthy, safe environment.

Your support and understanding are appreciated.

Staff of CTK



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Week of November 16, 2020

Dear- CTK families,

This past Friday we kicked off Anti-bullying week by celebrating World Kindness Day.  Students and staff we asked to wear their cardigans in the spirit of Mr. Rogers.  Classes were also paired off and challenged to extend a small act of kindness and friendship to each other.   It was a beautiful day in our neighborhood!

This week is traditionally recognized as Anti-Bullying Awareness Week in Canada.  This year, anti-bullying week will be a time to not only discuss bullying but to focus on connectedness, resiliency, advocacy and on the transformational ways we are Called To Become a stronger school and WCDSB community.  Our students will be engaged in daily activities, lessons, and challenges.

Progress Reports:  On Friday, November 20th, your child will bring home their Progress Report Card (Grades 1-8) or Communication Learning (Kindergarten).  Included with the report will be the date and time of your Parent/Teacher interview.  Interviews are pre-booked for the week of November 23.

PD Day November 23:  Just a reminder that there is no school for students on Monday, November 23rd.  The Extended Day will not be running this day.


Feast of Christ the King:  Sunday, November 22nd is our feast day!  Officially called “The Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King,” it is celebrated on the final Sunday of Ordinary Time, the Sunday before Advent where we celebrate the full authority of Christ as King and Lord of the universe.  A virtual liturgy is planned for November 24th to honour our special feast day!



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Week of November 9, 2020

Dear CTK Families,

So hard to believe that we have completed two months of school so far!  The students and staff at CTK along with your support from home continue to do an amazing job.  Please continue to talk to your children about the importance of maintaining the two-meter distance when outside at recess.  We know it can be difficult but we really need everyone to stay safe.  At school, we continue to remind our students and include videos and other reminders in our Google announcements.   Bobcats, we are in this together!

Tuesday, Nov. 10 Pizza at Domino’s!  Just a reminder to make this Tuesday Pizza night at your house!  Use the code FUND and buy a large pizza (cheese or pepperoni) for $10.00 and Domino’s will donate $5.00 back to our school.  Tell your friends and family so they can use the code too! This offer is available at all Cambridge Domino’s

Domino’s Fundraising Flyer – ctk

Wednesday, Nov. 11:  This week we will honour Remembrance Day on Wednesday, November 11th.  We will honour and remember those who have given so much so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have today.   Thank you to our Grade 8s who will be leading the school in our virtual assembly followed by a moment of silence and reflection. We encourage you to discuss and engage in conversation around Remembrance Day at home with your children.



World Kindness Day Nov. 13:  World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on 13th November. At CTK,  we will make our school community and work an even better place by celebrating and promoting good deeds and pledging acts of kindness.  To help mark this day, students are asked to wear a cardigan in the spirit of Mr. Rogers.  This will also help us kick off  Anti-Bullying Awareness Week in Canada (November 16-20th).  This year, anti-bullying wek will be a time to not only discuss bullying but to focus on connectedness, resiliency, advocacy, and on the transformational ways we are Called To Become a stronger school community!


Other Important Dates:

Progress Reports:  On November 20th, your child will bring home their Progress Report (for Grades 1 to 8) or Communication of Learning (for Kindergarten students).  Given the uniqueness of our school year, Parent/Teacher Interviews to discuss the Student Progress Report/Communication of Learning for students in JK to Grade 8 will be held in a different format this year. Teaching staff are in the process of scheduling 10 minute phone conferences or virtual meetings for the week of Nov. 23rd.

Picture Day November 30th:  On November 30th, Lifetouch will be coming to CTK and taking individual student pictures following all safety protocols and guidelines.  Photographers will wear masks, complete thorough sanitization of photography equipment, and will remain at the recommended social distance (6ft).   More information will follow but here below are some key important changes to Picture day:

  • Pictures will be taken in the gym.  Classes will come down to the gym wearing their masks
  • Students will be lined up in alphabetical order
  • No class pictures will be taken
  • Picture day will be paperless!
  • While taking their individual picture, masks will not be worn by the student (photographer will wear mask and maintain 6ft)
  • Individual disposable combs will be available however, photographers will not be able to fix hair and other details.  They will do their best to work with your child to help them fix their own hair and details.

Here is a short video to see the new protocols in action: Lifetouch Picture Day Protocols

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Wellness Message

Dear CTK Families,

Your child/teen’s mental health is important to us, just like it is to you.  There are proactive things we can do to promote wellness in spite of the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic. We hope you can use the attached flyer as a starting point to talk to your child/teen(s) about where to go for help if they are struggling.  You can learn more about how to promote wellbeing and a wide range of supports and resources at the WCDSB Mental Health and Wellness webpage at

Not everything that weighs you down is yours to carry alone. (1)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school at 519-621-6680.




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Today is Tuesday Pizza Fundraiser ! Help Support our School!

Just a reminder that today is Tuesday!!!  pizza-slice-clipart-1

who feels like pizza today!! Join us for Pizza family night!!!

WE have teamed up with Domino’s Pizza to create an amazing fundraising opportunity for our school.

Please see this flyer for all of the details:    Domino’s Fundraising Flyer – ctk

Here are some of the Highlights…..

Let’s make Tuesday Nights Pizza Nights!

When you purchase a Large Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza for $10 at any Cambridge Domino’s location, Domino’s will donate $5 from every pizza back to the school.

The dates of the fundraiser are:

Tuesday, November 3
Tuesday, November 10
Tuesday, November 17
Tuesday, November 24

All you need to do is order online, use the code FUND, and enjoy some delicious pizza!  Make sure to tell all your family and friends as anyone is able to use the code!



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Week of November 2, 2020

Treaties Recognition Week November 2-6:  This week is Treaties Recognition Week.  Treaties Recognition Week was introduced in 2016 and honours the importance of treaties and helps students and residents of Ontario learn more about treaty rights and relationships. By learning more about our collective treaty rights and obligations, we can create a greater understanding and nurture these relationships. 

Grade 4 Bible Celebration: On Tuesday, November 3, our Grade 4 students will be presented with their Bibles.  This will be a very special day for our students as they continue to grow in their faith and learn more about God’s story.  Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, families are not able to attend.  We promise we will take pictures and send them to you to mark this special day.

Domino’s Pizza Fundraiser:  Just a reminder to please order your pizza from any Domino’s in Cambridge every Tuesday in November.  Order a large cheese or pepperoni for $10.00 and Domino’s will give $5.00 back to our school.   Please use the code FUND and make sure to tell your family and friends so they can use the code!

Domino’s Fundraising Flyer – ctk


umbrella project

Umbrella Project: GRIT!  Welcome to November at the Umbrella Project!!  Last month we dove into building a sense of Gratitude and this month we are shifting our focus to a skill that helps us persevere in the face of challenges, Grit!   Grit is the skill that stops us from quitting on the bad days and gives us the courage to persevere towards our goals and passions.  With the cold weather approaching, we could all use a bit of extra grit to get through those chilly winter challenges.

What will grit do for my child?

Excellence in anything we do requires commitment, hard work and failures along the way. Grit helps us continue to practice the things we would like to improve instead of giving up. Having grit can help us overcome obstacles even on the toughest days. In every type of work or school subject, grit can be as important to our success as talent or intelligence. It allows us to rise to the challenge of difficult goals and run the last mile.

Make working on weak spots a game

Even in the face of abundant strengths, our weaknesses will often lead us to give up.  As often as you can, find the game on working on your child’s’ weaknesses.  Practicing anything can be intense and span many years to get to a level of excellence.  Try to help your child find the fun in the tough spots instead of feeling like they aren’t good enough.   By adding some fun to an otherwise frustrating task, your child will be able to quickly improve and move on with renewed confidence.  In addition, remember that fun and laughter also improves cognitive flexibility and can help our children think of new ways to solve the problems they are facing.

For the month of November, we will be practicing the skill of GRIT.

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