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It’s Almost September, Bobcats!

Good afternoon, Bobcat families!

We are so thrilled to have you back and looking forward to seeing you September 6th!

Thank you to the families who came to the Popsicle with a Principal event – it was great to see so many smiling faces and meet the families and students! It really reaffirmed how lucky I am to be at such an amazing school.

Here are a few pieces of information before we get started:



  • We will still ask that everyone – staff and students – completes the COVID-19 School Screening each day before coming to school.  This will be the tool that is used until the Ministry of Education tells us otherwise, to determine if someone is healthy enough to attend school on any given day.  Please follow the school screener found at:
  • If your child develops symptoms while at school, we will use this tool first to determine if they can stay or if they should go home.  If a child does end up testing positive, please inform the school so that we can take the necessary precautions.
  • The school will still provide masks for staff, should they choose to wear them.  We would expect that if your child wants to wear a mask as well, they are able to do so, and they will be allowed to do so in an environment free of judgment.  The school will not be providing these masks this year, but students are welcome to wear their own.


First Day Packages:

  • All of our start up packages are done online through School Cash Online.  All paperwork as well as the opportunity to pay for your agenda (this year it is $5.00), can be completed before the first day of school!  It is our goal to have all paperwork done by the end of the first week.  Please complete yours as soon as possible.


Class Placements:

  • To support our transition back to school, families will be receiving classroom teacher information at the end of this week prior to the start of school. Please know that class placements continue to be tentative due to ongoing registrations and evolving enrolment. We will require patience, flexibility, and understanding on behalf of our students and families. Working together as a home-school partnership will allow for a positive school start-up. Staffing and classroom changes are directed by the Board office and this process may occur during the first two weeks of school which could lead to classes being revised. Our staff takes great care in considering all students’ needs when creating class placements.


What has been happening outside?

  • We have our NEW Playground equipment that some families have had the opportunity to try out!
  • We are looking at replacing a play structure in the Kindergarten area.  This is a project that will hopefully happen soon.

What has been happening inside?

  • The building has been getting its summer clean and the teachers are preparing their spaces to be ready by the first day of school.  We are looking forward to welcoming the students back, and we can not say “Thank You” enough to our custodial team Mr. Pimentel and Mr. Jenkins, our school is in great shape!

What can I do to prepare?

  • Please resist the urge to spend hundreds of dollars on “back to school” items.  For now, a good backpack, a water bottle and a pair of indoor shoes and outdoor shoes should be all you need.  The rest of the items will be discussed in the first week or provided by the school.
  • Please complete your paperwork on School Cash Online.
  • Please pay for your agenda
  • Please get on a sleep schedule that is conducive to learning in a week.  Start to get to bed earlier and wake up at an early time as well.  Making this adjustment now will make things much easier in the coming weeks.

We look forward to beginning our new school year, our new Pastoral Plan with the theme “Awaken”.  Just like Jesus promised to awaken Lazarus in John’s gospel, He will awaken in all of us, a spirit that will allow us to work together and “heal in our community”.  We look forward to the opportunity to build a stronger community with each of you as the year progresses.

Mostly, we look forward to filling our building with smiles, laughter, and noise.  A school is a lonely building until September!  See you all on the 6th Bobcats!


Andrea Dafoe


Christ the King Elementary School

70 Acorn Way

Cambridge, ON N1R 8M5

Ph: 519-621-6680


Follow us on Twitter: @CTKBobcats

“…People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou


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