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Bobcat News for February 2018!

Bobcat News for February 2018

    • Friday, February 2- Lifetouch SK, Grade 8 and Sibling Photo day
        • Feb 2- Dental Presentations for Kindergarten Classes -PM
    • Monday, February 5- Grade 7 & 8 Chicopee Ski Resort Field Trip all day
    • Tuesday, February 6- Grade 7 & 8 Pathways Presentation from 6-7 pm at CTK learning Commons
    • Wednesday, February 7-Dental Screening for JK/SK, Grade 2 and 7
            • Kindergarten Registration from 3:15-6 pm (scheduled appt.)
            • Virtue Assembly at 10 am
    • Thursday, February 8- Kindergarten Registration 9-10:30am -1-3pm (scheduled appt.)
    • Monday, February 12-Girls Volleyball Game at 4-5pm Our Lady of Fatima
    • Tuesday, February 13- Shrove Pancake Tuesday
    • Wednesday, February 14- Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day wear red/pink and white day
    • Thursday, February 15-Report cards go home term 1
  • Monday, February 19- Family day- No school
  • Tuesday, February 27- First Communion Parent Information Meeting 7:00pm @ St. Patricks Church
  • Just a reminder that every Tuesday is our Lunch Box orders. Please visit if you wish to purchase a hot lunch for your child. We have 3 different vendors each week from East Side Mario, Pita Pit and Quesada. If parents are interested; please sign up at the website above and register all orders are in by noon on Sunday.
  • Every Thursday is Pizza Day! $1.00/slice. Go to


     Pay School Fees online     FAST. EASY. SECURE

Dressing for the Weather:

Reminder that All students must wear proper footwear in the school at all times students should have indoor and outdoor foot wear.

Please pack extra clothes especially socks in the colder or wet days. All outdoor wear such as gloves/mitts, hat, jackets, snow pants and outdoor foot wear should all be labelled.


Attendance Safe School Policy:

It is very important that if your child is ill, has a medical appointment or will be late for any reason, that you contact the school with the necessary information: Full name, grade, room number, teacher and reason your child(ren) will be away.

Our school answering machine is in service 24 hours a day. Please note that we must receive a call before 8:30am from a parent/guardian or caregiver as per safe school policy. Our number is 519-621-6680.

Student Lates:

The bell rings at 8:30 am students are expected to be in their class line up out back. If your child is going to be late please contact the school to inform. If you child is coming through the front door after 8:30 am they are considered late all parents and students must check in at the office prior to going into class.


Have you updated your personal information with the school yet?

please remember to contact the school at 519-621-6680 to ensure your information is up to date or write a note in your child’s agenda. (work #, address change, contacts, etc)



If you have a child born before December 31, 2014 (can be registered for Junior Kindergarten)

And if you have a child born before December 31, 2013 (can be registered for Senior Kindergarten)


In the month of February, we will begin Junior Kindergarten registrations for the next school year. (September 2018) Registration will be held at Christ the King Catholic School on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 from 3:15-6:15pm, and Thursday, February 8, 2018 from 9-10:30 am & 1:00-3:00 pm. Please call the school to schedule an appointment at 519-621-6680.

If you wish to register online prior to your appointment, you can access the Online Registration form by clicking on the Register for School link on the WCDSB homepage ( and then choosing Kindergarten Registration. The link to Online Registration can be found under the Registration Options button alternatively you can open your browser and enter

The mother, father or legal guardian of the child being registered for Junior Kindergarten or Kindergarten is asked to be present the following documents: a birth certificate or other legal proof of your child’s age, and a Catholic Baptismal Certificate of either parent or child.

The child who is being registered is welcome to visit the school at the time of registration.

Parents are encouraged to arrange a visit to a family physician for a hearing and vision screening prior to the child’s entry to school. Please call the school at 519-621-6680 to set up an appointment or if you have children currently attending Christ the King School and would like a registration package sent home prior to the scheduled meeting please call the office to request one.


To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students these procedures MUST be followed by all who visit our school.

  1. Visitors, parents, high-school students, and others must report to the main office and obtain a Visitor’s Identification badge if you wish to proceed beyond the main office area of our school. A pass can be obtained by checking and signing in at the office.
  2. During recess and lunch-break parents, visitors or any other adults are NOT permitted to be on our school playground. Please report to the office.
  3. Any parent who wishes to contact his/her child during the school day must proceed to the main office and inform the Administrative Assistant/principal.
  4. Any individuals who do not follow the above requests will be asked to leave school property immediately!

Thank you


February FitBit – Five Great Ideas for Healthy Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Why are healthy celebrations important?

Special occasions often include less healthy food and beverages. Celebrating with nutritious food promotes the messages that children learn about healthy eating in the classroom. Healthy celebrations show kids how to have fun while celebrating special occasions and are an opportunity for children to learn new food skills.

Here are a few ideas to try this Valentine’s Day:

  • Repurpose the heart-shaped cookie cutter


Create fun and festive heart-shaped sandwiches, fruit, cheese, or cucumbers. For an extra special treat, use different types of heart shaped fruit to make a cupid’s arrow or rainbow themed fruit kebab!

  • Create pun-tastic fruit valentines


Get ready to peel the love this Valentines Day! Send a piece of fruit with a clever tag-line. Try these or make up your own: “You are the apple of my eye”; “Orange you glad we are friends?”; “I’m bananas for you!”; “You are ‘pear-fect’!”; “You’re berry special”; or “You are sweet.”

  • Celebrate with red and pink vegetables and fruit!


Choose tomatoes, red peppers, apples, beets, radishes, watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, cherries or pomegranate for a vibrant red and pink theme that is packed with nutrients.

  • Choose non-food items to share with your valentines


Show your classmates your appreciation with hand written valentines, or fun themed pencils, stickers, lip balms, glow sticks, bouncy balls or small toys.

  • Focus on fun instead of food


There are so many fun and healthy ways to celebrate. Check out for great classroom celebration ideas. Your class or school can even earn a badge and a place in the brightbites Hall of Fame!

Valentine’s Banana Split

Preparation time: 5 minutes                                       Makes: One banana split


  • 1 small banana
  • ½ cup plain or vanilla Greek yogurt
  • 2-3 Strawberries
  • ½ teaspoon cocoa


  1. Wash strawberries and pat dry. Cut a ‘V’ in the top of each strawberry to remove the hull, then slice strawberries to resemble hearts (with the ‘V’-shape at the top of each slice).
  2. Cut a banana in half lengthwise and place in a bowl or dish.
  3. Spoon Greek yogurt onto the banana, top with strawberry hearts and sprinkle with cocoa (or sliced almonds, if desired).

This recipe meets the criteria for Maximum Nutritional Value.     Recipe adapted from

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