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Bobcats March News 2018

Bobcat News for March 2018

  • Thursday, March 2- FITGO Challenge continues at CTK
  • Monday, March 5- Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectation Assembly: I Have Ideas!
  • Monday, March 5-Public Health here -Grade 7 Meningococcal Clinic
  • Wednesday, March 7- Girls’ Volleyball team at Regionals
  • Friday, March 9-Wear Green for St. Patrick’s Day
  • Sunday, March 11-Daylight savings time begins
  • Monday, March 12 -Friday, March 16 (March Break)
  • Saturday, March 17-St. Patricks Day
  • Monday, March 19-return to school 8:30 am
  • Tuesday, March 20-First day of Spring
  • Thursday, March 22- First Communion Registration Deadline 4pm at St. Patricks Parish office
  • March 22- Safety Village- Grade 5 Ms. DiMartile, and Grade 6 Mrs. Fischer 9:30 am
  • Sunday, March 25-Palm Sunday
  • Tuesday, March 27- 10 am MADD Presentation Grade 7 & 8 in the library
  • Thursday, March 29 – Holy Thursday (Bread Celebration and Stations of the Cross)
  • Friday, March 30-Good Friday -NO SCHOOL
  • Monday, April 2- Easter Monday -NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday, April 3- return to school 8:30 am



  • Every Wednesday’s is CTK Spirit Wear Day! Show your spirit bobcats!!


  • Just a reminder that every Tuesday is our Lunch Box orders. Please visit if you wish to purchase a hot lunch for your child. We have 3 different vendors each week from East Side Mario, Pita Pit and Quesada.
  • If parents are interested; please sign up at the website above and register all orders are in by noon on Sunday.
  • Every Thursday is Pizza Day! $1.00/slice. Go to

Pay one month in advance for pizza days.

Pay School Fees online     FAST. EASY. SECURE


Attendance Safe School Policy:

It is very important that if your child is ill, has a medical appointment or will be late for any reason, that you contact the school with the necessary information: Full name, grade, room number, teacher and reason your child(ren) will be away.

Our school answering machine is in service 24 hours a day. Please note that we must receive a call before 8:30am from a parent/guardian or caregiver as per safe school policy. Our number is 519-621-6680.


Student Lates:

The bell rings at 8:30 am students are expected to be in their class line up out back. If your child is going to be late please contact the school to inform. If you child is coming through the front door after 8:30 am they are considered late all parents and students must check in at the office prior to going into class.



Have you registered yet for Kindergarten?

If you have a child born before December 31, 2014 (can be registered for Junior Kindergarten)

And if you have a child born before December 31, 2013 (can be registered for Senior Kindergarten)


Please call the school to schedule an appointment at 519-621-6680 or If you wish to register online prior to your appointment, you can access the Online Registration form by clicking on the Register for School link on the WCDSB homepage ( and then choosing Kindergarten Registration. The link to Online Registration can be found under the Registration Options button alternatively you can open your browser and enter


March is Nutrition Month!

This year, the focus of the Dietitians of Canada’s National Nutrition Month campaign is “Unlock the Potential of Food.” Throughout the month of March, Registered Dietitians across Canada will help people discover the potential of food to enhance lives, improve health, inspire children, fuel activities and bring people together!

Participate in Nutrition Month by unlocking the:

  • Potential to fuel: Help your child stay energized by preparing nutritious snacks each day.
  • Potential to discover: Foster healthy eating habits in your child by including them in meal and snack planning and teaching them to shop and cook.
  • Potential to prevent: Help your child understand how food can help to keep their body and mind healthy.
  • Potential to bring us together: Cook and eat together as a family as much as possible.


Try making this easy recipe with your child to “Unlock the Potential of Food” together.


Turkey & Veggie Stuffed Pita*

Makes 4 servings

Preparation Time: 10 min

This easy-to-make sandwich gives leftovers a new lease on life with some serious crunch factor. Use the turkey mixture to make an equally delicious salad. Add a splash of rice vinegar and enjoy.


1/3 cup    0% fat plain Greek yogurt                                     75 mL

2 tbsp       light mayonnaise                                                    30 mL

1 tsp         Dijon or yellow mustard                                        5 mL

1/4 tsp     fresh ground black pepper                                   1 mL

1 ½ cups  chopped cooked turkey breast meat                   375 mL

1/2 cup    diced red or green bell pepper                             125 mL

1/4 cup    grated carrot                                                            60 mL

2              whole grain pita pockets                                         2

4              leaves of lettuce                                                        4

1/4           English cucumber, thinly sliced                            1/4


Step 1 In a large bowl, whisk together yogurt, mayonnaise, mustard and pepper. Stir in turkey, red pepper and carrot until coated well.

Step 2 Cut pitas in half and open pockets. Tuck lettuce and cucumber slices into each half and spoon in turkey mixture.

Turkey & Veggie Stuffed Pita recipe is featured in Cookspiration (

* This recipe meets the criteria for Maximum Nutritional Value for an entrée.

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