Dear CTK Families,

As everyone was aware we were experiencing technical difficulties with this form you now are able to enter your quantity up to 99 in the quantity box, any orders that are over 99 you can split the order and you enter as many forms on line as you need. The form is unlimited which means it will be available to enter as many times as needed.

The quantity entered is the total amount of orders which will calculate the total dollar amount automatically on the top corner box.

Example: you have sold a total of 100 Pepperette’s you would enter one form for 50 and another form for 50. The two forms will appear and show dollar amount of $100.00!!!

If you have any questions please let me know. Once your orders have all been entered please send in the order form to school with your child.

All orders are due Monday, November 11th.


Thank you

Christ the king School