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December Fit bit from CTK


Make Healthy Eating a Priority in your Home!

Take time to make a weekly meal plan

Making a weekly meal and snack plan is an important first step for healthy eating. Having a plan can prevent extra trips to the store and can reduce the amount of food you eat from restaurants. Involve the whole family in planning meals and snacks. For helpful information on meal planning, visit My Meal Planner at:

Healthy eating starts with what you put into your cart

Plan meals and snacks and make a list of the food you need to buy before you go shopping. For ideas on healthy meals and snacks, visit Eat Right Ontario at

Make time to eat together

Have regular meal times together as often as possible. At each meal serve a food choice from each of the four food groups from Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide.


Remember, it’s your role to provide the food to eat and to decide when and where to eat it. It’s your child’s role to decide if they are going to eat, and how much.

Offer healthy snacks

Eating small amounts of healthy food between meals helps keep your child energized throughout the day.

Did you know that children who eat supper with their families three or more times per week have eating habits that support good health?

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