Bobcat Weekly Update – September 13-17

“I Can & I Will”

  • Monday 13-All FDK students are in the building!!
  • Tuesday 14- Happy Tuesday! Make sure you have completed the online forms
  • Wednesday 15- Please wear blue, yellow or Bobcat spirit wear!! Opening Assembly & Introduction of the Umbrella Skill for September- Authenticity We welcome our new Superintendent Mrs Annalisa Varano for a visit!.
  • Thursday 16- Classwide Expectation Sharing
  • Friday 17-Classwide Expectation Sharing

  • Thank you for the amazing feedback as we start the new year. We are truly listening and asking for the parent and student voices in order to make the Christ the King community the best it can be. 
  • Yard Zone feedback and suggestions have been most helpful. Thank you for not driving on the school property and for waiting in the designated parent waiting areas
  • We will be looking for input regarding t-shirt size for each and every Bobcat!
  • Please ensure that you can log into your child’s Google Classroom.
  • We are sending home many items for consultation- plans of care, individual education plans and various consents. Thank you for your attention to these.
  • Remember check out our website and follow us on Twitter @ctkbobcats to see all the amazing happenings at Christ the King!!

COVID Protocols

  • We are all doing a fabulous job adhering to the guidelines and keeping each other safe.
  • We will continue to ask for the yellow confirmation of screening form each morning. 

Cash Online:

  • Please continue to complete the start-up forms on Cash Online. 
  • Thank you to those who have contributed $5 to the cost of the Student Agenda. This money will go directly back into materials to support student activities.
  • We are hoping to bring back pizza (Wednesday) and hot lunches (Tuesday & Thursday). This will only be available through Cash Online. More information is coming!!

Our Catholic Faith Community:

  • We met with Father Joe from St Patrick’s parish. Confirmation will happen for the current Grade 8 students this October. Please complete the form that was sent home asap. We will advise you of the date as soon as we know.
  • Information about the First Communion and Confirmation for this year will be coming in the new year.
  • We pray for every family to stay healthy and safe.  Please continue to follow the direction of Public Health so we can all return to school safely in the near future. 

Important Dates

  • September 17 – 6-7 pm Virtual Open House 
  • October 5 – 6-7 pm Catholic School Advisory Council #1 (note date change due to conflict with St Benedict’s CSAC). All are welcome!!!

We will be learning about our Umbrella Skills again this year. For September, our students will be learning the importance of Authenticity in promoting well being.


  • Authenticity is the quality of being genuine or real and representing your true self instead of what you think others want you to be.  It is about staying true to your beliefs, being trustworthy, truthful, and ensuring that your actions match your words and values.



  • Authenticity is our ability to be our genuine selves, staying true to our values and beliefs, while still adapting to the world around us. Authenticity comes from having actions that match the words we say and not trying to be someone else to impress others. Authenticity helps us to feel confident in ourselves and it improves others’ ability to trust us, a characteristic highly valued in leaders. It also helps us create strong friendships and is a very important part of well-being.



  1. Improves self-respect and self-esteem
  2. Increases your comfort in sharing your true thoughts and beliefs
  3. Authenticity improves emotional stability
  4. Genuine smiles (over polite smiles)improve our social interactions
  5. Improves our trustworthiness
  6. Improves overall wellbeing
  7. Helps us stand up for what we think is right, which reduces bullying


  • Practicing what you preach
  • Knowing what you can and cannot change
  • Doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking
  • Not worrying about what others think more than what you think
  • Knowing your true feelings and having the courage to share them
  • Questioning stereotypes
  • Being your true self whether that means you are different or the same as others
  • Standing up for what is right
  • Self-confidence