Bobcat Weekly Update – October 11-15

“I Can & I Will”

Bobcats have an attitude of gratitude

Mrs MacDowell’s class will be creating prayers and jokes of the day!!

Please continue to do the COVID screening each day, a paper sign off is not required.


  • Monday, October 11- Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Tuesday, October 12- Flag football practice
  • Wednesday, October 13- Pizza Day Please wear blue, yellow or Bobcat spirit wear!!
  • Thursday, October 14-Co-ed Flag Football Tournament, Superintendent Annalisa Varano visits to discuss our School Improvement Plan
  • Friday, October 15- Library Technician Appreciation Day- Thank you Mrs Sabumon!

We will continue to review Fire Drill, Lockdown and Tornado Drills

Exciting News!!

We will be having a Dance A Thon on Friday, October 29. This will be our major fundraiser for the year. Students are welcome to wear orange, black or an appropriate costume. Families may donate on Cash Online. Receipts may be given for donations of $25 or more.


Our Catholic Faith Community:

  • Father Joe has St Patrick’s parish has let us know that Confirmation will happen for the current Grade 8 students on Tuesday, October 26 at 7 pm. His Excellency Wayne Lobsinger, the Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Hamilton will do the Sacrament of Confirmation. Please complete the form that was sent home asap. Update-Each confirmandi will be able to have a total of 8 people (including the confirmandi and sponsor.
  • Rehearsal for the Confirmation will be at St Patrick’s Parish on Wednesday, October 20 at 7 pm. Confimandi and sponsor should attend. No special dress requirement.
  • Confession for the Confirmandi will be at school on Wednesday, October 20 at 1 pm
  • Our Grade 4s will be having their Bible Celebration with their classmates and Father Joe on Wednesday, October 20th. There will not be confirmation robes. Students are asked to wear their Sunday best.
  • Information about the First Communion and Confirmation for this school year will be coming in the new year.
  • We have a tentative date for the Grade 8 retreat- May 18, 19 & 20. More details to follow.


  • Families are welcome to watch sports outdoors. We ask that you maintain social distance. Please refrain from approaching students or coaches in the playing area. Once sports move indoors, parents are not able to watch home games and only parents who drive players (in addition to their own) will be allowed into the away school to watch games. This will be clearly communicated by the coaches in advance.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we navigate these new times.
  • Thank you to those who came out to our first Catholic School Advisory Council of the year. Please know that you are all welcome to attend.
    • Co-Chairs – Cindy Thrower Kelly & Dianna Chaves
    • Treasurer – Jessica Alves
    • Secretary – Dianna Chaves
    • Staff Representative – Jamie Trznadel
    • Community Representatives – Kelsey Oban & Emily Jaarsma
    • Principal – Sherry MacDonald

COVID Protocols

  • We are all doing a fabulous job adhering to the guidelines and keeping each other safe.
  • Please continue to do the COVID screening each morning, the written yellow form is no longer required

School Verification Forms & Cash Online: Hot meals are back!!!!  You must be signed up for CashOnline to order.

Important Dates

  • October 20 – Grade 4 Bible Celebration at School
  • October 20- Confession for the confirmandi at school
  • October 20-7 pm rehearsal for the confirmation at ST Patrick’s Church
  • October 26 -7 pm Confirmation for this year’s Grade 8s at St Patrick’s Church
  • October 29- Dance a Thon
  • November 2- CSAC #2