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It’s Time For FITGO!!!

FITGO is coming to our school again as part of Healthy Schools Week February 26- March 2, 2018.  This exciting challenge is for all elementary schools in the St. Benedict Family of Schools and the Resurrection Family of Schools.  Each school will be part of a friendly competition where students will have a chance to take part in two ways:

  1. Classroom Challenge:  Classes will work to complete a FITGO card in 5 topic areas for a chance to be named the overall 2018 FITGO Challenge winner in both the St. Benedict and Resurrection Families.  The 5 categories include daily physical activity, healthy bodies, healthy eating, healthy minds, and a healthy environment.
  2. School Wide:  Classes will be able to add to a PHOTO FITGO card and tweet out pictures under each of the 5 categories.

For additional fun, individual student FITGO cards are available for schools and families to use at any time on the WCDSB’s EcoZone website at

So let’s join in having some fun, friendly competition within our family of schools and celebrate being a HEALTHY SCHOOL!!!

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