For the month of October and as part of the Umbrella Project, our school focused on gratitude and each of us were challenged to show our appreciation and thanks to friends, family, teachers, our earth and Jesus.  A Gratitude grafitti board was set up in the hall and students were encouraged to write what they were grateful for.   Classes engaged in various activities such gratitude journals. writing notes, bringingin food items, paying compliments and acknowleding each other’s gifts, and home challenges.   On Monday October 29th, we celebrated this month of GRATITUDE in an assembly.  Thank you to Ms. Yamich’s class for creating the challenge and leading the school in an awesome month of showing gratitude.  

In November, we will learning what GRIT means.  Grit is a skill and takes practice! Grit is:

  • Courage
  • Someone’s ability to persevere despite the presence of many challenges and obstacles to achieve a given goal
  • Perseverance and passion for long-term goals
  • Mental toughness
  • Not quitting, even on the bad days


Grit is our ability to face failures and carry on, our perseverance and passion for our goals. It is our willpower and our ability to stick with tough tasks. Excellence in anything we do requires commitment, hard work and failures along the way. Grit helps us continue to practice the things we would like to improve instead of giving up. Having grit can help us overcome obstacles even on the toughest days. In every type of work or school subject, grit can be as important to our success as talent or intelligence. It allows us to rise to the challenge of difficult goals and run the last mile.


  1. Grit helps us stick to and achieve our goals
  2. Grit is associated with higher GPA (grades)
  3. Grit can move us to higher rounds in competition (e.g. spelling bee)
  4. Grit helps us achieve more difficult goals and a higher level of success
  5. Grit helps us feel fulfilled in life
  6. Grit improves how long we can focus our energy

HOW TO MAKE YOUR STORY ONE OF GRIT :  Stories about grit involve situations where someone has shown courage and persevered despite difficulties and obstacles. These are often stories of mastering something difficult or working through complex problems. Most high level athletes, musicians, scientists etc. have had to use grit along the way to get to where they are.