Dear Potential Christ the King School Volunteers,

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Christ the King School team! We value and appreciate your commitment of time, energy and skill as a volunteer to the school. Christ the King C. E. S.strives to provide opportunities for experiential learning and extra curricular activities. This would not be possible if it were not for our amazing volunteers.

With your help, more individualized and personal attention is possible, programs are run that benefit our students, and you provide a positive role model for our students. Education has traditionally involved a unique partnership between parents, educators and the community. Your assistance as a school volunteer will reinforce this partnership by providing increased learning opportunities for students. Volunteering at our school will also provide you with an increased awareness of our programs. 

Bus or Walking  Field Trip Procedures (updated April 25, 2022- no vulnerable check required)

Volunteers should expect to receive information from the teacher before departing on a school trip. This includes a list of names of the students in the group and it will provide the volunteer with a clear understanding of the objectives for the day.Volunteers should also be aware of the location of first aid at the site and the time and meeting place for lunch and departure. Volunteers need to know how to contact a teacher or other assistance in the event of an emergency at the site.

Students are expected to board the bus in an orderly way, keeping all belongings inside the bus. Standing is not allowed. With permission of the teacher, windows can be opened. Arms must not be placed outside opened windows. The bus driver may advise teachers and their volunteers about any special considerations.

Volunteer Drivers for Sporting Events

When a volunteer is needed to drive students on a field trip, he/she is required to complete a vehicle insurance form that is kept on file in the school. This form provides school administration with information regarding the volunteer’s insurance coverage. It must be signed by all volunteer drivers before they may drive students in their own vehicle. When riding in a volunteer’s vehicle to a school function, students must abide by the school code of behaviour. Volunteer drivers must be sure that all passengers are wearing appropriate seatbelts, and not be riding in the front seat where airbags are in use. Upon arrival, volunteers should stay with their group of students and not commence any activities until the supervising teacher arrives and advises them to proceed.

Regular Volunteers – For example Strong Start

According to our board policy on the use of volunteers in a school setting, and in the interest of student safety, it is crucial that every volunteer provide the school with a completed Police Check (Vulnerable Sector Check), a signed confidentiality agreement, signed offence declaration form (to be filled out every year), and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities training. Links to complete some of these forms can be found on the home page of our school website under “Volunteers”.

In an effort to update our volunteer list, we would like to inform you that we need that following to complete or update your volunteer credentials:

  • Vulnerable Sector Check at then search in top bar
  • Signed Confidentiality Agreement
  • Offence Declaration Form (annual update)
  • Volunteer Emergency Contacts
  • School/Volunteer Agreement
  • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (A.O.D.A) training 

When you arrive at Christ the King C.E.S.  to volunteer either for the field trip or to support a program, please note the following:

  • Go to the Main Office and sign in in the Volunteer/Visitor binder
  • Sign off the CTK Volunteer Agreement 2022 in the Office 
  • Take a volunteer tag to wear to assist with safety in our school
  • Sign out & put the volunteer tag back where you got it when you leave

It has been said, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” We wish to thank you for joining us in the most important task of educating our students. 

Your Partners in Education,

The Staff of Christ the King Catholic Elementary School

2022 CTK Volunteer Procedure for Field Trips including Track & Field