Dear Parents/Guardians;


Thank you for completing all school start up forms on school cash online we continue to see them submitted each day.

We hope to have all forms submitted as soon as possible; so we can have this information at the office to update.

When completing the online forms you ONLY need to complete each form once for your child and then sign, add to cart and submit at the end you will receive an emailed receipt of the items you completed.

Please disregard if the forms are still sitting in your account this was a glitch on my end; that will keep the form on your account and if you need to complete it again in the future it will be available to you on your account.

I apologize for any inconvenience.


Student Verification Forms:

Please stay tuned for these forms.

As they will be going home soon; so that parents /guardian can review and sign and return to school asap.


Thank you

Have a great day!