For the month of February, our students have been focusing on PURPOSE and on Friday, February 28th, students in Mrs. Gaetan’s class led our school in our concluding assembly for this skill.   Defining purpose is a big idea and our students helped us to define our purpose by making an analogy to objects.  For example, the purpose of a crayon is to add color to a picture.  The purpose of a coat is to keep us warm.  The purpose of a key is to unlock doors.  This really helped each of us to think of what our purpose is.  For some of us, our purpose was to help the earth, to open an animal farm, to become an artist and to amaze people!  Bobcats, remember….”the meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away” (Pablo Picasso).  Congratulations to our students who worked on defining their purpose! 


For the month of March, our students will be showing KINDNESS and how it can improve our lives.  Mrs. Fischer’s and Mrs. Van Os’ class are leading the school in a challenge to show kindness each and every day.  Each class has been given a calendar and classes and students are challenged to perform that act.  The impact on our school community and on each of us will be amazing!

umbrella project

Doing good is not only beneficial for the person on the receiving end and those who witness the kind action, but also for the givers of kindness. When we are kind and intentionally perform acts of kindness we get a boost in our own wellbeing and happiness. It feels good to help others and it helps us focus on the positive things in our lives. It’s a win-win!


  • The quality of being friendly, generous and considerate
  •  The act of showing someone you care
  •  Demonstrating goodwill towards something or someone
  •  Performing acts of a good and caring nature

1. Kindness reduces our stress levels and makes us feel better about ourselves
2. Kindness helps us think less negative thoughts and focus on the positives instead
3. Kindness is contagious – one act of kindness can lead to many
4. Being kind decreases the chance that we will bully others
5. Regular kindness makes us more liked by our
peers and more accepting of others
6. Being kind boosts our happiness
7. Being kind increases our number of friends