We look forward to welcoming you virtually from 6 pm to 7 pm tonight!

6:00-6:30 Pop into your student’s class.  Teachers will be sharing a slide deck. The goal is that the slide deck will happen twice, once at 6 and once at 6:15. A copy will be available if you are not able to be in all of your children’s classes at the same time.

6:30-7:00 Open House, please pop into your children’s classrooms for introductions and general questions. Teachers will not be discussing individual students.

FDKA Mrs Amorim, Mrs Lisi Smith & Mrs Tavares Room 108 Click Here

FDKB Mrs Magliocco and Miss Soares Room 109 Click Here

Grade 1 Mrs Van Os Room 112 Click Here

Grade 2 Miss Schwab Room 111 Click Here

Grade 2/ 3 Ms Taillon Room 115 Click Here

Grade 3/ 4 Mrs MacDowell Room 114 Click Here

Grade 4/ 5 Mrs Kroetsch Room 116 Click Here

Grade 5/ 6 Miss Sauve Room 122 Click Here

Grade 6/7 Miss Gillespie Room 123 Click Here

Grade 7/ 8A Ms Duque Room 129 Click Here

Grade 7/ 8B Ms Reale Room 130 Click Here

Planning time with Mr Trznadel Click Here