CAT-4 test for Grade 7s: This week, our Grade 7 students will write the CAT-4 test.  CAT-4 is a standardized test which measures achievement in the basic skills generally taught in schools across Canada. CAT is a set of tests on reading, mathematics, language, writing and spelling. The results of students tested with CAT are compared with those obtained from large, representative samples of students from across Canada. Their results can also be compared to curriculum expectations. CAT is the only Canadian owned and Canadian designed national test. In addition to its use by schools, part of CAT has been chosen by statistics Canada as the basis for tracking achievement over time.

Wednesday, April 24th: Grade 4s will be going to the Safety Village.  Through the use of videos, the Hazard House and Sparky’s apartment, students apply lessons about home hazards, safe cooking, smoke alarms and home escape.



Thursday April 25th: Our Grade 8 students will be participating in a Science Workshop.  They will be  be learning how to preserve or alter the flow of water to help families.

Don’t forget to wear you jerseys on Friday, April 26th!


On Saturday April 27th, our Grade 2 students will be receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation at St. Patrick’s Church at 11:00 am!