Dear CTK Families,

The learning and fun at our school continues and week after week, our students continue to amaze us with their resiliency and sense of joy!  Thank you Bobcats!   Thanks also to our fantastic staff and parents for all of your work and support.  We couldn’t do it without you and we are so grateful and blessed!

Pastoral Plan: Gathered To Become

Last year, when we launched Called to Belong, we could not have foreseen what the future held.  Yet the Spirit was with us, guiding our theme and moving us to create a deep sense of BELONGING and connection during such a difficult journey.  We feel the same about the second year of our three-year Pastoral Plan, entitled Gathered to Become.  

The theme, Gathered to Become, is deeply connected to nourishing as in the Eucharist; as in the nurturing of children in the context of our schools.  As in previous years, we as a school community have created a symbol that will help all of us – students, staff, and parents- remember the theme of “Gathered to Become” and that when we listen to each other, pray for each other, give to each other and work together, we give eucharist.  The image that we have selected to create is of the Eucharist and everyone had a part in creating it:   

                                                               In John 6:35, Jesus proclaims “I am the bread of life.”   

 Let this year of Becoming truly be a year of Transformation.  As the Eucharist transforms us, so let us be the “Bread of Life” to all we encounter.  May we experience transformation this year – from the challenges of new learning situations, platforms, and teaching environments – to allow us to emerge from our chrysalis healthy and strong and to successfully be able to spread our wings and soar.  Please enjoy our Board’s launch video:  Gathered to Become Video.

Dress For the Weather!  With the cooler, wet weather, please ensure that your child comes to school prepared.   You may wish to send a hat, mitts, an extra sweater, and even an umbrella!  It is so important to get our students outside and so if it is just drizzling or misting, we will go outside for a short mask break and fresh air!  Thanks for your help in making sure your child is dressed for the weather!

Have you done the School Screening?    Just a reminder that each and every day, every student and staff must complete the Covid-19 School Screening prior to coming to school.  It only takes a few minutes to complete!  Depending on your answers of reported symptoms, it will advise if you should attend school (green checkmark) or if you should not be attending school (red ‘X’).  If your child reports to staff that they are feeling unwell during the day, we will complete the survey and if at the end of the survey, it states that can not attend, we will call home to have someone pick them up.  If you are unwell, please stay home for everyone’s health and safety!

Important Upcoming Dates:

October 20th:  IEPs go home

November 20th: Progress Reports Go Home

November 23rd:  Professional Development Day  (Extended Day will not be offered this day!)