We are finally back to school and we were so thrilled to see everyone back!  We know this return was a little different but our Bobcats did AMAZING and quickly settled into the new routines and protocols.  A big thank you to our parents for all of your support.  We know we couldn’t do it without you and we are so thankful for all that you are doing.  We are so proud of our students and families!

COVID-19 Self-Assessment:  Each and every morning before coming to school, families must complete the online self-assessment tool for each child.  Staff is also completing the screening prior to coming to work.  The link to the tool is here: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/ and based on your answers, you will get a recommendation on what to do next.   Please know that we have the best interest and safety of our students at heart. When students are indicating they are not feeling well, a phone call will be made to have the child picked up immediately as we are not medical professionals and can’t diagnose an illness.  We want to ensure that all of our students and staff are healthy and so we appreciate your support when we make these calls.  If your child is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, we will encourage you to seek medical advice, follow their advice, and get tested for COVID-19.

 Drop Off and Kiss and Go:  Please continue to drop off your child at the front or at the back walkway.  Parents of our JK and SK students, please drop your child off at the gate.  Just a reminder that we can not have parents on the blacktop at any time.  If you are choosing to drive your child to school, please remember that you can not exit your car or park your car on the ring road.  Your child must exit from the passenger side onto the sidewalk and then proceed to the back of the school.  Once your child is out of the car, you must carefully drive and exit.

School Cash Online Forms:  Please make sure that you complete all forms on School Cashonline by this Friday, September 18th!  Please call Mrs. Almanza to update contact information, phone numbers, addresses, etc..  It is very important that we have this information.

Bring Your Own Device:   We are encouraging students in all grades to bring their own Chromebooks, Laptops, and devices to supplement their learning. We will be leveraging digital tools in all classrooms to help to minimize the use of manipulatives and resources that are handled by students.  As students have engaged more with the technology that is available in their classrooms, many families have expressed interest in purchasing a device for their child to use at school and at home.  Please take a look at the resources below:

Devices for Families in Need: Free learning device/computer offerings for low-income families: http://rcto.ca/programs-rctech-outreach.asp

Please also visit this link to learn more about the programs and devices that are available for purchase through Staples and Dell.



Nutrition For Learning:  We will once again be offering Nutrition For Learning Program for our students.  This program, which offers healthy snacks for all our students, will begin September 21st.  Please pack extra snacks for your child until this program begins!


Catholic Schools Advisory Council:   Parents/guardians can be involved in many ways:

  • Do you ask your child what he/she did at school? You’re involved!
  • Do you help your child with his/her homework? You’re involved!
  • Do you read to your child? You’re involved!

Another great way to get involved is to let your name stand for our Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC).  School Councils were created to enhance students’ learning through the cooperative efforts of parents, students, staff members, and others in the community. Your School Council is an advisory body of volunteers who work together to provide ideas and opinions to help the Principal, and sometimes the School Board, make Christ the King a better place for your children to learn. The School Council provides a forum for discussing educational issues. It also provides a way to get information to parents/guardians, receive feedback from them, and present ideas and concerns to the school and the School Board.

Meetings will be held either virtually (online) using Microsoft Teams or in the school’s Learning Commons on selected Tuesday evenings from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.   Our first meeting will take place virtually on Tuesday, September 29th. If you like to be a parent representative on our Catholic School Advisory Council for the 2020-2021 school year, please complete the form on School Cash online or call the school (519-621-6680) to be invited to the first virtual meeting.