Spring has finally arrived!   Please remember to have a pair of indoor shoes at school!  This will help eliminate some of the mud in classrooms and in gym!

Think Back Thursday: Every Thursday, all classrooms at CTK will be participating in Think Back Thursday.  Think Back Thursday is an opportunity for our students to revisit math concepts that were taught earlier on in the year.   Research has shown that when math is ‘interleaved’ throughout the year instead of working through each strand and unit as separate entities, students’ knowledge of the concepts ‘stick’ or are better retained.  This approach to teaching math is called ‘Spiraling’ and looks at covering the curriculum in a more integrated way, makes connections across the strands and revisits concepts multiple times over the course of the year in order to build upon students’ learning and understanding.  Think Back Thursday will have our students ‘reach back’ to complete a task/lesson that was covered in the past.  It could be a previous area of strength for students to see if they are still strong OR it could be a lesson that remains a student learning need (i.e. revisiting of past learning that perhaps ‘didn’t stick’).   Many of our classrooms will use Twitter to post and celebrate learning in our school.  Please follow us on Twitter @CTKBobcats and see what your child is learning!  Ask your child about what they did during Think Back Thursday!

Grade 5s to Safety Village: On Wednesday March 27th, our Grade 5s will be participating in an interactive classroom lesson about staying safe while using the Internet. Through the use of videos and classroom discussion, students are instructed on the basics of staying safe while using their digital devices.  Students are then partnered up, broken into teams and participate in an interactive trivia game to test their online knowledge.

MADD Presentation for Intermediates:  On Wednesday March 27th, our Intermediates will participate in the MADD Canada’s School Assembly Program.  The School Assembly Program is an on-screen fictional re-enactment of the trauma that can result when someone makes the choice to take drugs or alcohol and get behind the wheel. The presentation also includes interviews with people who have been injured and/or lost a loved one(s) as a result of impaired driving. Innocent people are injured and killed every day. Friends and family will forever feel the pain of losing a loved one.

Cambridge Food Bank Classroom Challenge: Help put food on the table for families across our community by bringing non-perishable food items with your child from March 25- April 12th!.  We will be competing with other classrooms across Cambridge to win a pizza lunch delivered by the staff from 91.5 The Beat and 107.5 Dave Rocks!